Reached strategic cooperation with Aichi Automobile Co., LTD


On December 3, 2020, the company's subsidiary, Jiangxi Ruida New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Aichi Automobile Co., LTD.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties make full use of their respective advantages in market, talent, technology, resources and other aspects to achieve cooperation in the field of power battery recycling, maintain a high degree of mutual trust and common progress between strategic partners, and generate greater competitive advantages. In order to realize the efficiency improvement, capacity optimization, cost reduction and efficiency improvement of both parties in the comprehensive recycling and utilization of used power batteries for new energy vehicles, and ensure the market interests and market reputation of both parties.


AIWAYS was founded in February 2017. The core team members all have the working background of the World's top 500 companies. At present, the total number of employees in the company has exceeded 1,000. The first mass-production model, Aichi U5, is A pure electric smart SUV positioned at A+ level. It was officially unveiled on November 29, 2018. This car is built based on the MAS platform developed by Aichi Auto. With the design concept of "smart and simple technology", intelligent products and services, and safe and reliable car manufacturing quality, it brings users a "safe, intelligent and loving" travel experience.

Ruida New Energy will adhere to the original intention, keep forging ahead, and jointly promote the development of comprehensive recycling and utilization industry of used power batteries for new energy vehicles with partners.