The Delegation of Thailand-China Asian Economic and Trade Association Visited Jinsheng New Energy


       On May 23, 2024,Mr. Alongkorn Ponlaboot, a famous Thai politician, First Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, and former Deputy Prime Minister of the opposition party Abhisit Vejjajiva government, led a delegation from the Thailand-China Asian Economic and Trade Association(hereinafter referred to as "TCAETA") and other representatives to visit Guangdong Jinsheng New Energy Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "JSNE "), the two parties conducted exchanges on jointly promoting cooperation between leading enterprises in China and Thailand in the field of new energy industry.


       The delegation's visit is to actively prepare for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand in 2025, which is of great significance firstly. Secondly, as Thailand's new energy industry is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading, it seeks to deepen the outstanding Chinese enterprises to cooperate with. Members of the delegation attending this inspection include Apinya Pramoj(President of TCAETA), Prajongjit Praiwech(Advisor to the TCAETA), Du Tianqiao (Secretary General of the Global Bridge Think Tank Club, Secretary General of the TCAETA), Marisa Yenbamroong(Director and Nuclear Engineer of Northern Gulf Oil Company), and Pirapong Yenbamroong (Executive Director of Business Development Department of Northern Gulf Oil Company)


       The delegation arrived at JSNE’s headquarters building in Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City at 09:30 in the morning, and received a warm welcome from the representatives of JSNE. Through the vivid multimedia presentation in the exhibition hall, detailed inspection of the process flow in the workshop, and on-site personal experience at the product application end, the delegation was able to have an all-round and multi-dimensional in-depth understanding of the comprehensive recycling and utilization of decommissioned lithium batteries for new energy industry in China. The vigorous and dynamic development trend has emerged, and at the same time, also deeply feel the outstanding achievements made by JSNE in this field. They conducted a detailed exploration of the development history of JSNE, gained an in-depth understanding of the company's careful layout planning, and had a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of its rich and diverse products and comprehensive utilization business. The delegation witnessed and intuitively experienced the entire production process from battery disassembly, testing and volume separation, reassembly, physical crushing and hydrometallurgy, and also visited the product display area with great interest. During this process, the general manager of JSNE explained in great detail the specific situation of the new energy lithium battery business sector and the outlook for the company's future development. The two sides had a deeper comprehensive and productive exchanges and discussion at the symposium.


       This inspection and exchange activity is of great and far-reaching significance. The delegation fully understands the outstanding achievements made by JSNE. This not only provides them with a new thinking perspective on sustainable development, clean energy and renewable energy systems, but also makes them very interested in the comprehensive recycling of retired lithium batteries. The delegation stated that this will definitely promote in-depth cooperation between China and Thailand in important aspects such as the new energy lithium battery industry and new energy material recycling, and contribute a strong positive force to the vigorous development of the new energy fields in both countries. Representatives of JSNE delivered a concluding speech, hoping that both parties could continue to strengthen cooperation, further improve the close connection between the industrial chains, create more cooperation opportunities and possibilities, and thus effectively promote Thailand-China cooperation. The comprehensive and coordinated development of Thailand and China will jointly write a beautiful chapter of win-win cooperation in the field of new energy.


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