The company participated in the preparation of retired power battery industry standards


       On November 6, 2020, China Electronics Energy-saving Technology Association Power Battery Recycling and Echelon Utilization Alliance (Alliance) initiated the standard seminar of decommissioned power battery comprehensive utilization industry group in Beijing. The company's subsidiary Jiangxi Ruida New Energy Technology Co., LTD. (Ruida New Energy) participated in the meeting and discussion as the participating unit.


       The number of power batteries installed has soared in recent years as Tesla opened its Shanghai factory and traditional auto giants like Volkswagen and BMW sped up their efforts to go electric. The global demand for lithium battery materials causes the price of key battery materials to skyrocket, pushing up the manufacturing cost of lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, and posing a serious challenge to the sustainable development of our new energy automotive industry.

       Scrapped power battery is a precious "recycling mine", and its efficient recovery and recycling of valuable metals can improve resource utilization efficiency, and it is of great significance to our country to reduce dependency, national resource strategy safety and development of recycling economy. In order to improve the technical level of industrial standards, it was initiated by the Power Battery Recycling and Cascade Utilization Alliance and led by the China Electronics Energy-saving Technology Association to establish three group standards, such as "Decommissioning, Crushing and Sorting Complete System for Retired Power Batteries". Ruida New Energy combined with its own practical and development needs, Participated in the standard formulation of "Decommissioning Power Battery Harmless Crushing and Sorting Complete System" (DZJN2020020).

The alliance of power battery Recycling and echelon Utilization was jointly initiated by Camel Group, Huayou Cobalt Industry, Fangyuan Environmental Protection, ZhongTianhong Lithium, Sinochemical Hebei, China Electronics Energy-saving Technology Association and so on. It was officially established in Beijing on April 18, 2019. The alliance is led and guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and managed by China Electronics Energy-saving Technology Association. The main members of the alliance include power battery recycling enterprises, new energy vehicle enterprises, power battery and material production enterprises, equipment enterprises, testing institutions and other enterprises, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and social groups in related industries.